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Electronic and Intelligent converter of ECO-Tap Vlves-Fx1000

Application of ECO-Tap FX1000 electronic and smart converter

Residential Houses

Offices and organizations

Schools and kindergartens

Schools and cultural centers

Hospitals and health centers

Restaurants and welfare complexes

Ease of use and increase health items

This type of electronic and intelligent valve converter, without the need for complicated installation steps and only by moving your hands in front of or down this device, you can use as much water as needed and also prevent the transmission of infectious diseases such as flu, hepatitis And corona, etc., which is one of the ways of transmission through contact of the hands of people and children with contaminated milk. Helping to increase health and increase control of disease transmission from the most polluted places in the home and workplace is one of the most important benefits of this device.

Pattern correction and consumption savings

According to the way of using this device during bathing, hand washing, dishes, performing ablutions, etc., more than 70% of water consumption was due to procrastination in doing things other than washing, and this saves this amount. Will be wasted.

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