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Home Ultrasonic Digital Water Meter Sonic-Pro NX-SERIES

Competitive Advantage of Ultrasonic Meter in Sonic-Pro NX-SERIES Line

Knowledge of consumption and its management and as a result, modification of consumption pattern

Separation of fluid consumption and energy and separation of building charge

Ability to display on mobiles and personal computers and issue separate bills

High accuracy of flowmeter and low flow of starter have not been considered as reducing water resources

Send data as Sigfox, NB-IoT, LoRa, Wi-Fi in IoT network without the need for a device

Sonic-Pro NX-Series Ultrasonic Digital Water Meter is designed with Transit-Time technology of ultrasonic signals and with the ability to measure 6 liters per hour – Q3 / Q = R> 400 – is not able to reduce more than 30% of water. Becomes. This in its ultrasonic meter increases the revenue from its extraction produced by water and sewage companies and also reduces waste. Also, this generation of water meters with the help of technology is able to reduce the error of measuring devices or apparent error.

Win-win game

Ultrasonic technology in the measurement of water consumption prevents the counting of meters in a mixture of weather and this, in addition to fairness in the measurement, reduces the cost of bills for the subscriber.

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