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Smart Digital Barometer _ Baro-Gauge GX700

Application of Baro-Gauge GX-700 Smart Digital Barometer

Water and wastewater industries

 Automotive industry

Reservoir level measurement

Hydraulic systems

Heating and refrigeration industries

Oil Industries, Petrochemical Station

Air conditioning and residential houses

Industrial and agricultural towns

Intelligence, high measurement accuracy and ease of reading

Baro-Gauge smart digital barometer is an innovative Iranian and knowledge-based product with 0.05% measurement accuracy in the .F.S area, based on creative knowledge, and by creating a smart body, this device makes it easy to read the pressure values measured by this device. . Also, despite the telecommunication modules that are compatible with existing native platforms, this device has been able to send its measured information in IoT platforms and has caused double ease in reading, decision making and control.

Various control signals

Baro-Gauge smart digital sphygmomanometer with various outputs according to standard protocols can be used in RTUs and send information on differential serial outputs RS485, RS232 as well as current and voltage outputs of 4 ~ 20 mA, 0 ~ 10VDC It is measured per unit and this gives the power to send independent and mediated control signals. This makes it easier to control the process by solenoid valves or send information to control PLCs.

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