Send information on IOT platforms
Separation of consumption of residential and industrial units
Possibility to connect and disconnect the solenoid valves connected to the flowmeter
Separation of energy consumption of residential and industrial units
Fluid flowmeter ( Water, Petrol, Oil, Gasoline , Milk and any fluid with low viscosity
Industrial Ultrasonic Digital

Industrial Products
High accuracy flowmeter and low start flow
Separation of fluid consumption and energy
Ability to display on mobile, computer and issue and separate bill
Knowledge of consumption and It’s management and therefore modify the consumption pattern
Send information as Wi-Fi, LORa, NB-IOT , SiGFox on the internet of Things
Home Ultrasonic Digital

water meter
Home Products
- Residential houses
- Offices and Organizations
- Schools and Kindergartens
- Educational Institutions and Cultural Centers
- Hospitals and Health Centers
- Restaurants and Welfare Complexes
Electronic and Intelligent converter of ECO-Tap -Fx1000 Home Products
Water and Wastewater Industries
Automotive Industries
Reservoir level measurement
Hydraulic systems
Heating and Refrigeration Industries
Petrochemical Industries
Air conditioning and residential houses
Industrial and agricultural towns
Industrial Products Smart Digital Barometer _ Baro-Gauge GX700

Live Smart


AB-NAMA monitoring software

global consumer information reporting system


Guaranteed Quality

the best quality manufacturing and parts


Product Warranty

2years warranty with 10 years after sales service


Fast support

24hours support Acam Madar team

AB-NAMA monitoring software

Web application

windows web application

Online performance review

complete and simultaneous performance analysis regular updates

regular updates

quick troubleshooting and regular updates

regular updates

quick troubleshooting and regular updates

easy usage

easy to use

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