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Akam Madar History

Danesh Bonyan Akam Madar Asan Company, the first manufacturer of intelligent digital ultrasonic flowmeters, started its work in 1397 based on previous academic records and with the country’s top founders and inventors in the field of manufacturing and producing ultrasonic smart digital meters. The company has based its work on scientific principles and knowledge, and its goal is to serve in the field of industry and advance towards industrial independence from the Western world and Europe. With the presence of Iranian scientists and its founders who have studied at the best industrial university in the country, they will spare no effort to achieve the goals of the company and achieve the aspirations of its founders.

Akam Madar Members

Samira Razi

Marketing Director

Bahram Gholizadeh

Chairman of the Board

Mohamadreza Etemadi

Sales Manager

Mitra Borzoi

Technical and service manager

Certification and standards


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