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Ultrasonic digital flowmeter Sonic-Pro NX-SERIES

Application of Sonic-Pro Ultrasonic Digital Flowmeter

Artisans and factory owners

Separation of water and energy

Instrumentation laboratories

Mass builders of residential units

Possibility to disconnect and connect the solenoid valve connected to the flowmeter

Separation of costs of residential and industrial units

Oil, gas and petrochemical industries and oil and gas fuel stations

Fluid flowmeter (water, oil, gasoline, diesel, milk and any fluid with high down)

Submitting information on IoT platforms of urban area water and wastewater companies (IoT)

Sonic-Pro NX-Series Ultrasonic Digital Flowmeter

Ultrasonic digital water flowmeter is a smart device based on the latest ultrasonic technology. These flowmeters have no moving parts and maintain their calculated accuracy for a useful life of 10 years. These flowmeters are known with very low reliability in very low currents.

Optimize operations and improve customer service

Optimize operations and improve customer service with integrated smart communications that allow remote reading without any add-ons in this smart digital flowmeter.

More than one measurement

Sending smart alerts from the Ultrasonic Digital Flowmeter lets you detect leaks, bursts or other irregularities, as well as tampering or closing these flowmeters.

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